Okefenokee II – X

Quite lacy. Me likey. This is just the beginning. It’s also much easier than I thought to do this branching effect. Thank you painting goddess. šŸ™‚ Had to get the butter knife to the acrylic gel to thin the mix of Neutral Gray and Titanium White so that it would continue to flow nicely for the branches.

Swam two laps at the pool today, breast stroke slowly forward with the right shoulder fairly popping and the back kicks without arms until my legs were cramping. Stopped. Sigh. That’s all for today. Tomorrow will try again and try for more but not push it. Last night I did my chair stands or sits or whatever they are for twenty and boy did my lower back burn and ache but hell I did them. I was so restless last night and in pain I wanted to SCREAM and email my counselor but for WHAT I asked myself. For WHAT now. Nada. Surf.

Sigh. Slept the night through nonetheless and was fairly stuck to the bed this morning and no need to get up early and Chipper was sleeping soundly in his chair. Although he barked ten times in his sleep and woke the neighbors at dawn not to their liking. I usually stop him if he starts, say at 2 am. Not to my liking.

Drove out to Absolute Mac to check that the IPad was registered, which it was apparently upon purchase. Who knew? We did not. Heh. Anyway, two four story pin oak trees had become unearthed since last I’d been there to purchase said IPad and could easily have wiped out said store. Blessedly they did not. Huge, I say. Makes you cross yourself. I did. With a Buddhist kind of crossing sort of. Blessed be, although that is a Wiccan saying.


Glorious to see the Seneca Woods and its wildness, looking out for wild things that may be jumping out into the road nonetheless (Haunted by American Dreams, Neko sings) along the way, but thinking of Arcade Fire singing of the loss of all the wildnesses. For I do love the wild. Cheers.

Another reader of Rebekah’s Closet has agreed to write a favorable review! It should appear on Amazon soon. I shall link when I have it. She even said she’s proud of me. Blush.

I’m still working through some Google EBooks bugs but should have that figured out in the next week or days or so. Will let you know.

The first mastering of the Tribute CD for Chris Whitley should be done soon as well. The First? you say. Well, sshhh. Yes. For we are blessed. That’s why.

One of the advantages I suppose, I don’t know what other creative, imaginative types experience, but I have a Word Girl alter who feeds me words and stuff from time to tyme. Today she’s given me “Gossamer Wings instead” when it was time to start the day with getting Chipper’s meds together and thusly start the day proper. She’s also been saying “Proserpina” over and over. Kind of nice. Flashbacks notwithstanding. The words are nice.


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I am a professional artist, writer and musician creating from my home studio. To view my artwork, visit http://www.amyjackson.cc
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