That’s What I’m Talking ‘Bout

So I was able to go on walkies today with Chipper, short walkies, mind you, due to the rain, without wrist brace and without splint! This is due to the horrid stomach shots! Well, I say horrid, shhhh. They are not fun. Things could be worse. They are not that bad. Shhhh. I would not wish them on anyone.

So I have a pain level of like a 2-3 in my arm today, which is FABULOUS! Faboo! Remarkable! For even last night it was a 7 after a day in the splint and travel up and down the back roads of Maryland. So. That’s way cool. Yay!

I saw the doctor, the primary care physician today, however, and get this, I was supposed to be taking Coumadin this whole weekend, but the box of shots specifically said NOT TO, so of course I didn’t and now she’s ordered ten MORE shots through at least Thursday morning. Bah. BAH I said! I’m running out stomach, I say! But we shall deal. We have to, of course.

Thursday am I go to get lab work to test my blood thinner levels and call her at 3:30 pm and see how many more shots to take. ARgh. She said for a while I’ll have have my blood tested every 2-3 days, until it goes to once a week. I long for that time already. She said I should only have to be on Coumadin for 3 months, and she will want me to see a Hematologist as well, to see why this happened, which I thought the vascular surgeon was going to be able to tell me. ?? Hmm. Oh well.

She said not to paint yet. No, I said, I won’t paint until you all tell me I can. She said to ask the vascular surgeon about that. Good thing is he will be doing a scan on 10/29 and maybe the two clots will be gone or something. ? We can hope? ‘Cause that’s my barometer, really, I can paint when they’re gone?

Heard from the psychiatrist and she has never heard of Prozac causing blood clots. Well, hooey. Oh well. Back to square one. Painting. Hmmm. Effing A. !

Put on the wrist brace and finished wrapping the paintings for the show today, the three big ones: Haiti, Underwater, and Untitled. Done! Cooked the chicked Jason started marinating last night and the asparagus is bright green from roasting. Next is to steam the cauliflower and then toss with something lovely, tasty. Yum.

I’m so tired. Pooped. Really. But we had a great, productive weekend. Here is the photo that got approved for The Front Porch!

Pretty cool, eh? also looks nice in grayscale, but I miss the pops of color.

Yesterday, NO ONE came to see me for my book reading but I had a lovely time talking and learning from the book store owner at Constellation Books, so that counts as research, and she bought a book.

My back is hurting a lot again today, boo, due to the time in the car and sitting without resting. So I’m a rest me now. Take care!

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