Godzone Finitti

godzoneOh mi gah! I did it! woohoo! Here is another view:

DSC_3952You can better see in the latter the reflection in the water, yes? Yes! Woo!

Oh, where do I begin on what I did today to achieve this? Okay. First of all, yesterday, all DAY, I had the sinus migraine from HELL and today Jason has it — hellO! AGH! and today it is returning so I can’t stay long. Just so you know — but I was determined to finish Godzone today. Mind you.

So I had to finish the reflections today, and I did. I first went in with dark green, then created a new lime. Diddled and piddled and squished and muddled as reflections do, I thought.

Then I did the foreground grasses. I decided I am not a huge huge fan of making grasses, but I think I did OK. Harumph.

And then I balanced with dots and dashes and shadows and light and then I said, BACK AWAY FROM THE GODZONE. And thus and so.

Yesterday with the headache even so I got six dollars for my entire, mind you, album collection and two bags of books. I’m cleaning house! Then I went to another consignment place and got three, count ’em !, three dollars for one item in a bag of nice clothes. Drove home rather dizzily and the rest of the night was sheer, sheer !, frazzling pain.

However, I have what I am excited to say is a most inspiring brainstorm for fifteen new paintings. I shall not say what the theme is nor the method nor nuttin, no, so, you shall just have to muddle along and see such and so and wonder … what is she up to?

Spring and LIFE. That much I can tell you. Sources of inspiration shall remain confidential at the current time but will be revealed if and such time I shall have a SHOW or … something. I hope to get a show with these or at the very least unveil the lot at my Open House on JUNE 15. I do hope you all will come! Food! Excitement! Vino! Refreshing ments!

Silly ness abounds.

Counseling went well. Very cathartic, finding that it is easy for me to source anger for some and not for others. Compassion for others and not for some. But we’re sorting it all out and I cursed a whole LOT. Love to curse actually, though you wouldn’t know it. Cursing a blue streak is one of my fave things.

Kay. Must rest me.

OH, hey, if you are good at writing movie scripts, contact me, thusly. I would like a script for Rebekah’s Closet. It’s very visual, an art movie could be made, and in Paris! There is mostly description, and poetry! but very little in the way of dialogue, so how does one do a script for that? I’m stumped. Perhaps I should not be. If you are the enlightening type, please do contact. 🙂

About amyjacksoncc

I am a professional artist, writer and musician creating from my home studio. To view my artwork, visit http://www.amyjackson.cc
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