Ready to Live I – VII

DSC_3981Today I added back canvas, in a way. You can see where I have added white stripes? Yes? I did that with a kind of tiny, not nearly my tiniest, but damned near, round brush. It is taking some great deal of practice to to the black and white lining that I’ve decided to do. I started out on the left yesterday with a bright brush, but it was out of control width and amount of paint-wise immediately, so I had to switch to the damned near tiniest round brush. 🙂 Now I’m actually having a bit of fun with the floral shapes up top, getting a slight bit of movement, more torque, up there. We shall see where this goes.

I started, because I had gotten behind by a few days, with edging the four previous paintings. I now only have one edge left on each of those and they can MOVE ON OUT of the studio and into the apartment, though GOD KNOWS where they will go. ? Really. We are moving out the bookcases, but yesterday we were randomly inspected by the owner of the complex and he said to move the orientation of the bed so that an honest-to-goodness fireman (all due respect, represent!) could get in there should there be an honest to GOD fire — LO! — and he couldn’t now because of the armoire, truth be known. So. Change is in the air. As it were.

Didn’t get a whole lot done today. This is why I can’t hold down a job.

A lot of pain. A late start. A long walk by Chipper’s choice, which is great physical therapy for us both, actually, and no appointments. So.

Post office.

Very little on the Christmas cards today. Headache on top of achies. Rested for some good time.

An alter has been hanging, in particular, not really to give info or express emotions. From the abuse of the babysitter time. Letting her know she is safe, wanted, loved. She just kind of wants a room to hang out and be okay in. But there are lots of flashes from her.

Another one, too, is doing this, from my cousin’s house, from various rooms and the pool, from various ages.

Etc. all day, per normal. I think the alters are wanting to hang. Trying to be cool and let them hang. But it’s distracting all day.

Jason let me open a Christmas present earlier in the week and I wore them today, Ray-Ban sunglasses since my eyes are so sensitive with the migraines. But these have the serious attitude. Do they go with the Buddhist VW Bug where I’m smiling all the time — the cool and the positive vibe — ? heh — people are really startled — smile on — it’s gotta be okay — smile on and transmit coolness and peace — the Ray-Bans are cool on their own — not necessarily me — right? I have to work up, like Bob Dylan says on Tempest — the rest is Buddhaness when I can muster that as well — glow — and the Bug is glow — thanks VW and Jason for the VW —

We are slowly and deliciously making our way through Dark Shadows this week, on the weeknights, about twenty minutes per session. Jason watched it for me, and tells me when to turn my head, when Barnabus is feeding on people. Gah. Vampire gotta eat. Still, I’m loving the details and everything really. Very fun.

We watched Five Year Engagement before that, last week. Gotta love the Netflix. Movies the way we can afford them, six months or so out.

Some painting late in the day.

Calling it now. A day. Such as it is. Frustrating but these days happen. Out of my control.

Blessed to be alive and kicking anything at all. It. 🙂 So be it. Time to hit the heating pad and prepare for the night time phase of day.

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