Ready to Live V – V

DSC_4093We’re getting awfully close to finitti, folks … don’t you think? Today I completed the last empty petal sections, then did some balancing acts, whereupon I add deepening and lightening, brightening and heightening. I particularly enjoyed adding three different reds to the middle petal. MMMMMmmmm. How I am beginning to love RED. Beginning? Perhaps you know me better than I know myself, and know that I have loved red longer than this. Perhaps?

One thing lovely that is happening now is that this painting is looking wonderfully like earlier watercolors. Like, EARLY EARLY watercolors. This is utterly FABOO. Who knew this would happen, ever? Not me, certainly. Am certainly quite happy about that.

Will diddle with the painting a bit more, perhaps heightening and brightening a bit more tomorrow. Perhaps simplifying. OH I could simplify a great deal and have a whole NEW painting. So I dare NOT go there. Best leave the rare and unique details as they came about, imperfect as they are? Yes. I shall most likely decide for that direction and let the painting go finitti at that.

Next. Pastel greatly simplified forms me thinky. Yes. Quite messy and sensual. Yes.

Woke up and did not want to. Hard to get up indeed and twere it not for Chipper and a noon appointment would not have budged. No. Not even the thought of coffee nor painting would stir me. For I was in considerable hip and shoulder and emotional pain. Bah. Effing A.

Well, most folks get up anyway. I do remember the forced transit to work. I do. Done it. Did it for 16 years for work and all those years for school before that. I KNOW.


So walkies, Chipper chose long and it was quite good of him, actually and Sunny and fresh, brisk and delightful, and I thought, twere it not for the dog, I would not have been here, out here, in this fresh Sun. No. Thankful.

Counseling was good and she also encourage us, both of us to get out of the house this Winter, to the National Botanical Garden (more fotos, anyone? yes!) to Monocacy! exercise anyone? for a movie? yes! get OUT! da house! we need that so much.

Last night I felt so bruised for want of crying Jason stroked my head and we talked for some goodly time and I soooo needed that. Sigh. Thank you. Sometimes I feel like I need so much. Too much. But I’m only human. Like anyone. I’m sure everyone, anyone would love that.

I used the pink tennis ball for like, two seconds, to massage the right shoulder blade this afternoon and immediately found a pressure point that made me want to SCREAM! Yes and it felt AMAZING. Amazing. So I’ll return to the pink tennis ball again. Physical therapy tip from a year ago. Should help the shoulder — ’cause it’s all connected — doncha know.

Yoga twice already today. And Merlot. Just the one glass so far. Has helped the pain a great deal.

Hope you like the painting as much as I do. 🙂


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I am a professional artist, writer and musician creating from my home studio. To view my artwork, visit
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2 Responses to Ready to Live V – V

  1. it’s really pretty! i love the pinks and browns together ❤

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