Cedar Breaks Progress X, The Proverbial

We got the last groceries and are holed up for the proverbial whatever may come hurricane IRENE (come on Irene jokes long gone aside thank you) … Honey Crisp Apples are in and Huge and Crisp. as well as America’s Original Pumpkin Ale — why not!? Okay.

So here is my stopping place today before resting with Chipper who is well asnoo’d in ahead of me in the bed, see above. I do hope I am worthy.

Buddha Standard Time and counseling coinciding thusly:  yesterday I had had flashbacks of where I had dissociated while dating two men I think during freshman year in college and felt extremely guilty and ashamed about it, whereupon my counselor stopped and drew the TIMELINE of abuses and whereupon I stopped feeling guilty and got a bit mad and my abusers and felt a bit helpless. Whereupon she said you are amazing to have gotten through all of that at the same time, and all of that at all. You are strong, you have perseverence of spirit. Whereupon, I said, you know, it’s funny, because all that time I had no sense of self. Not until recent years did I have that. When I first entered counseling around 84-85 when I was asked for that I answered, “Lazy? Procrastinator? Depressed? Want to die?” Nothing positive. Wow. How far I have come. Pretty frickin amazing.

This intersects with the Buddha Standard Time in that in the early part of the book it says to reconnect with your early experiences with Nature. Man, that was all I had! Nature, all this time has been a constant! Woohoo for Nature! Because yesterday in counseling I said I had great teachers and friends, and the greatest teacher of all was Nature! Hurray!

So, cool!

Come on, Hurricane Irene, with your bad self. I’m ready to learn. Ups and downs. I’m also ready for the Renaissance Fair. Been many a year. Anyone else?

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I am a professional artist, writer and musician creating from my home studio. To view my artwork, visit http://www.amyjackson.cc
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