Great Barrier Reef II – VIII

Have been on the go since getting up this morning — a short walk with Chipper because I was running late to meet with a friend — then we met at a fabric store — fun! She and her four-year-old and I had a blast picking out bolts of fabric for clothes to make. In my case, maxi skirts, and it is my GREAT hope that the drycleaners where we go regularly will sew me up some simply, three to be exact. Crazy. I went a little nuts in the store, because there were so many to choose from, that the cart was full before we knew it.

I only chose three, however, to stay within budget: a bold botanical on white background, a retro pop geometric print, and a peach solid with batik and a bit of gold flecking, very sensual. I did not get the cool ones with the handwriting from around the world, or the stamps from around the world — sigh. They are tres cool as well. But how many maxi skirts do I need and will I wear when it gets hot? really? crazy talk … that’s how much fun we were having, and how cool fabric is.

Woke up at 11:30 with new memories of Nameless picking me up from church youth group and choir practice and dissociated with much confusion, did fall back asleep — but at 2:30 am woke again with much dissociation and emailed my counselor in frustration — Jason was sleeping so soundly — but it was so confusing I had a very hard time finding a host to hold me there for some time, so hard in the middle of the night even with the phone in my hand for reality check’s sake.

Maybe that’s why I woke with three muscle spasms in my neck. Had to get right on the moist heat after my time with my friend. Just getting up now to paint for as long as I can.

I added Titanium White to the mix I had made up yesterday and edged around the lower section, then I added Cobalt Blue Hue and a bit of acrylic glaze to thin, for the middle. With a tiny brush, I added fun, spidery detail to all the little islands to make them pop a bit.

And my body must be rested again, but what a blast that was.

About amyjacksoncc

I am a professional artist, writer and musician creating from my home studio. To view my artwork, visit
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