Italco II – II

It’s coming along but feels a bit drafty in places where I want to layer it further, initial veining being very initial. But having a great deal of fun with it, that’s for sure. I’m liking both the big strokes with shapes and the micro strokes with lots of intense color mixes.

Today on walkies I looked up and saw an itty bunny by the fence at the bog and made eye contact and could tell it was getting used to people already, but not one that I had met, too young. But then, a few steps down, I saw maybe the one! For when I made eye contact with this medium sized older bunny he blinked, and stopped, I blinked and then he ran towards me playfully, then stopped. You made it, you made it! I said and he did a little bunny jig. Yes, he said! So… not minding that a single workman shoveling mid-bog may have seen and heard me talking to rabbits … not minding a bit.

Not one bit.

Then I’m typing away at Facebook or some odd … when there is a knock at the door, for yesterday I gave the letter about La Chupacabra to the rental office and have been living in some sort of fear … yes. And to my delight it was the security officer, who sat and had a sincere chat with me and got the low-down about the upstairs. What a relief. I’ll leave it at that. In his capable hands, for now.

It is turning into the most beautiful day outside, truly! I have pt at 1:40, which seems to be perfect timing to me.

Yesterday I was able to make good headway on the typo and other editing of Rebekah’s Closet and she is almost done. Thank goodness my editor’s block has lifted there, in the nick of time, eh? Cutting it close? Yes? Very. Hopefully I can get the new version up on Amazon in time. It only takes a matter of 1-3 days. So I really do not worry.

Now to noodle around the apartment and neaten. Rest. Eat. Then paint, edit. Close to the Edit, remember that delightful, scratchy song, by Art of Noise? It was always so tragic and beautiful, ironic and … right for the time … for the piano in the video to be destroyed. But oh, so very sad.

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