Ready to Live VIII – XII

DSC_4319The Cobalt Teal Sprout is done and I started inside-out on the darker lime Sprout, almost finishing it today.

Boy that migraine knocked me out yesterday. Just saying. We were unable to record me singing but Dennis did well on guitar so it was not a loss for the day on that front.

Also, Jason has produced amazing pulled pork BBQ for the week’s dinner, along with sweet potato fries. Yes. Amen.

We went to Monocacy Aqueduct, and didn’t get far. I got extremely dizzy every time we would stop on the bridge to look at the river, and then Jason’s hip struck and wouldn’t let him walk far past the bridge.

So we walked down and sat on the base of the bridge, watching the river for a while, tried to walk again, then stood and listened for some time, to the stillness, and the bird songs.

Very relaxing, and I am very inspired by the simple rolling curves of the countryside fields TO NO END. Alas. And everything. Kind of everything but especially the former.

Yesterday morning Chipper took me for a long walkie. It was amazing. The migraine actually started the day before, when I forgot to wear my sunglasses while running errands. Eep! Sensitivity to sunlight. Then on walkies it started again with the sunglasses ON even. So I’m not sure what is up. Could be getting a cold. Shh. Sometimes if you ignore a cold it won’t know it’s there and will go away.

I wrote 920 words of The Front Porch before painting today. Felt good finally to get the plot down that I’d been carefully piecing together for days, and then dang me if more plot didn’t fall right out of nowhere into the screen right in front of me. A blessing, truly. 🙂

Time to rest now — this whole waking up with lost time, living a whole day on the raw edge of lost time — that’s right — I need to lay down —


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