Ready to Live XIV – Sketch and I

DSC_4769Above is a sketch of one of my fotos from our photo trip to Cumberland Island, Georgia in 2009, Live Oak #53:

liveoak53Without the Spanish Moss, and with sensational (literally wild) symbols for growth, and dynamic triangles symbolizing growth spurts and change (i.e., initiatives). See Dialectics of Change? Heh. Or not.


Below I have successfully this afternoon painted the limbs of the trees in Mars Black, which was a very sensual and funne process.


Note here, that last night while reading all the free samples of every Kindle book on Will Rogers I could find, I found in one biography a reference to play in adults: Karl Jung’s book Playtime: Rediscovering the Secrets of Childhood.

Now, also note that I in some part am able to cope better with the abuse by allowing the alters to play during creativity, but this may also be good for the rest of the alters. Now, I find?

And thus and so!

Looking forward to the rest of the painting.

Rest. …

Still dealing with cold and must. Heard back from the spine surgeon via email and he recommends an x-ray. But is going on vacay this week and the big deductible (5k) hits 9/1. Alas. And heat he recommends.

Sharp pain on left persists now two weeks upon minimal twisting to left.

Rest …

Pizza in the oven. Karl over to record.

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I am a professional artist, writer and musician creating from my home studio. To view my artwork, visit
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