Breaking through?

Apparently I’ve been having what are called breakthrough migraines for many days now. I called the neurologist in desperation at 2:30 with 9 pain level yesterday afternoon and he prescribed Migranol nasal spray, which we went about trying to find. Not until Monday, we were told at several pharmacies, so we drove to the doctor’s office right before they closed for two samples.

Initially it didn’t work, not until right before bedtime did my eyes stop hurting. I slept through most of the night and had only one nightmare right before waking at 7:30 am, so got up. Pancakes, courtesy of Jason! Yay! No headache upon waking, but it has creeped up on me, and spiked dramatically upon taking photographs of things for sale this week on Craigslist — up to a 9 again, so started by taking a Mobic and moist heat, rest for 30 minutes, down to a 7, so up for a bit, but it is spiking as I write this so I’ll keep it short.

For sale: $75 obo, rollerblades, size 8, women’s, barely used, helmet, knee, elbow and wrist pads:

$75 obo, Mexican silver ball earrings, just had them converted from clip to wire:

And now to bed with the hurting head!

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