Restorf Island Sketch

First off, here is the shape of the palette since the last painting, a lovely sight to me, and hopefully to you, too. I believe I was a bit hopeful when I put out that much rusty rust. Hee. I could eat it. Yum. Yeah, I’m a Georgia girl. Can’t help it, anyhoo.

I believe you can’t even SEE that — but it, even if I say so myself, which apparently I do — is a lovely sketch of tropical swampy water to forest. Yay. You may have to click on it. Prolly. Well, it will start fleshing out soon enough. We hope, right? It is of Restorf Island, Papua, New Guinea, again from ISLANDS Magazine. Love that subscription.

Slept in a bit, i.e., couldn’t move myself, stuck like a magnet to the warmth, womb-like sensation of the bed, until 8:30 am this morning. Listened to the Chris Whitley shuffle this morning and I could hardly contain myself trying to sing along without disturbing the neighbors, because I have to give them all a good vocal, you know, right off, from the tub, no scratching, no frogginess, no wavering, have to be on the note. So that took some doing.

So much I want to accomplish today but I decided to flow instead of be goal-oriented. Wanted to sing straightaway after walkies don’t you know, can’t you imagine? but figured if I painted I could blog. How do I blog about singing? LA LA LA? right? sample this? Jason, Dennis Nielsen, and Jay Turner now have a great base for me to practice singing to for Chris Whitley’s Indian Summer, and it is actually kind of that kind of weather out. So that is first this week. Jason put it on my hard drive last night so I’ll start practicing that in a few minutes or so, getting familiar with this version, fitting myself around the notes and tones, like a shadow or a ghost, a presence, in and out of it, because I like doing that, rather than just blaring. Besides volume isn’t my forte. So that should be fun, and a huge challenge in many ways. I love that song. I love all Chris Whitley’s songs, what am I saying?

I’ve written up a draft of my October update to friends and new family, and need to send that, maybe this afternoon maybe tomorrow. I need to cook up this week’s dinner, herbed roasted chicken (fresh from the garden with the herbs, the last of them, prolly), and tomato basil mozzarella salad — yum! And I decided that inside and outside of the house, I need to start jazzing up ideas for plot extensions/twists for the latter half of Rebekah’s Closet.

I also want to read more of my Buddha Standard Time book, do my yoga, meditate, etc. and rest. I did yoga last night before bed and it was sublime. Love it. My hamstrings and calves and middle back were really tweaky and crampy before I started doing yoga again just a week ago and now they are cool again. Yoga is some kinda miracle.

On the upswing today. I’ll take it. Hope you are also having a good start to a new week!


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I am a professional artist, writer and musician creating from my home studio. To view my artwork, visit
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