Wild Peony III – II

Really enjoying mixing colors and painting the shapes, the broad strokes with the bright 6 brush of this piece. Something organic and Art Deco about it. Something like ballet and music. Not sure what is happening with the shapes and the colors but they are very freeing, very free. Yay! I’m really loving this series of running with the abstract peony photo sketches as the starting point.

Rough night waking with neck and shoulder pain, I guess from the adjustments, but just kind of dealt with it, since I had gotten such relief. Took some meds today for pain for the first time this week because of it. See her again Tuesday, that’s all this week, ’cause she’s booked. Oh well. She’s not so sure that physical therapy will rule out surgery herself, wants to see the MRI first. Hmmm. Kind of getting ready in my mind for surgery but we shall see. Big step. She said not forward bends of yoga. That’s pretty much what I do but I can work around that and still do some poses. That’s something.

We ran Christmas stocking errands today and now all three stockings are secretly full! How did Santa make that happen? hee. That was fun. We have a real wreath and tomorrow I’ll decorate and put on our door. Whee! I love that. We got some Christmas cards and I’ll start getting those out tomorrow as well. That will take some time but I love that as well. 🙂

A Kindle is in my future from Jason, Yay! so I’ve been researching Neruda and sadly some of my favorite options from him are not e-vailable. I wonder if this is similar to the changeover from albums to CDs when we worried about the loss of so much great music at the time!!! So much great literature!!! Will it make the crossover at the loss of so many lovely trees??? I know we are selling our books with the lofty thought that we are doing the right thing … but are we?

I worry about such things … and keep some of my rare books and treasure libraries … may weave real books into some of my stories in the future … real PAGES … there is something about wax and vinyl and paper after all … so TANGIBLE! rowrh!


for those who have semi-made out in old bookstore corners and used album stores … you do know what I mean … nuff said …

speaking of outdated writing implements … our movie this weekend is Quills … heh … I don’t know if I can make it all the way through, sensitive soul that I am … but I’m a try … Jason’s gonna hold my hand … 🙂

About amyjacksoncc

I am a professional artist, writer and musician creating from my home studio. To view my artwork, visit http://www.amyjackson.cc
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