Vietnam Jungle V Sketch

DSC_5060Next to the computer, with the new foto from yesterday’s blog to my right, I sketched this in about thirty minutes, hard! Can you see it?

It’s been like, laundry day, or what? and resting today … but yoga at least twice … resting at least twice … lots of folding and putting away of clothes and towels — which is wholesome and nice, I like …

back still twingey — I see the spine surgeon this upcoming Wednesday for most likely what he recommends, formal physical therapy, which thankfully is doable financially and timewise now —

and I learn new strengthening exercises —

still planning to get to the pool

very lovely Sun today — is this like reverse November Sun? hee

I’ll take it

in the mid-thirties — Spring is coming, it is! but not 8 or 18 degrees either so I’m not complaining about the temperature, either —

my hard drive has made it to the saviours of drives … so we shall see what we shall seeeee … fingers crossed!

did have some really good emotional processing with flashbacks today, and flashbacks on their own (while getting ready for the day, brushing my teeth, etc.) so that is good — I’m getting better at recognizing when it is time to let that happen — it is super-intense, though — and still super-painful — yow!

okay not much else to report for the now, now … 🙂


About amyjacksoncc

I am a professional artist, writer and musician creating from my home studio. To view my artwork, visit
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