Vietnam Jungle VII – I

DSC_5126First off, here is my palette, which only lacks the bit of Neutral Gray I added at the last minute, realizing that the trees were ashen or charcoal in color, before actually starting to paint this afternoon.

The palette looks much messier, nicer now, eh? I’ll perhaps take un foto tomorrow for you to see.

Here is the painting where I have stopped to rest as of now.

DSC_5129You can’t really tell the detail in there, but the palm leaves are individually brush-stroked with a stroke of luck, actually. Or magic, what have you? Yes. See, I had added the browns in there and then switched to my limes and greens without washing the brush, just adding a goooooood dose of lime.

So there is a backwash of brown through the lime on each stroke, a rectangular stroke each time, on the palm leaves. Just beautiful and unplanned, which is a new thing, akin to watercolor work. Yay.

I had thought to do a watercolor work in the rusty section but this was something new, so I went with it, and now have a new jungle foliage technique.

I first started painting this afternoon with the gray trees, then the black triangle and grounding black background shapes.

Then I made the first lime and added the first vertical lime shapes, then three more shades of green, then brown, then green, then brown, then to the palm leaves.

We picked up the Bryce Canyon pastel in the rain this morning and I think taking down art is just not nearly as fun as bringing it in. Really.

Oh well.

But it was good to see folks again and say hello briefly and I didn’t really mind being rained on this morning for walkies and neither did Chipper.

We’re going to hang the pastel over the dining room table, which is just a project in and of itself.

Jason’s laptop is at the shop which is like losing an arm for a few days or something. We are in limbo for a few days. What the …

Still with the cold, sound like a frog, etc. but something is separating and lifting from me. I am beginning not to care about the cold and I think the cold about me. We are moving on.

However, the heart meditation, goes on. I am learning to be still and present with my heart, the way one learns to be present with a firecracker, a volcano, a three year old, my self-described Jackson, a great wound, a whirlpool, a vast dark mirror of mixed memories and trauma — oh, you name it. The kitchen sink, is even in there. I swear. Many sinks, even, where I’ve been as part of family … sagas. centers … home is where the heart is …


kay so I’m staying as still as possible with pain but not being at the center of it, right, the Observer Mind, but emotional processing — kind of making it up as I go along — checking in with what I’ve learned so far in my life and from the book — and hoping I will some day, some moments get it right — so it will click into a position and stay right —

oh well, so far it hasn’t —

I’m look for the peace position — ha!

like the way Child’s Pose feels for a few minutes or something like that — I’ve found that I meditate while doing yoga and especially during that pose — I feel really safe and relaxed in that one — so maybe I’ve found it after all

dinner’s ready — 🙂 gotta go




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