Vietnam Jungle VIII Image

vietnamjungleredflowersI would like to say and possibly think that I am now mid-series for the Vietnam Jungle series, but unless I intend to paint the full twenty, and I must admit yesterday I was, I am a bit past the mid-mark at eight for the ten I need for the November show — well, and so … HEREIN I am finding flowers in the JUNGLE. Ahem. Let us stop and adore them thusly.

Yes, for no soldier on either side, and I dare say many people on their workaday trudge through the jungle I ASSUME traveling through the jungle for whatsoever reason could verily stop and truly adore the flowers … but surely no soldier. Lest the worst possible things happen. So.

Let us. Then. Adore them.

These remind me of pink pagodas and lanterns … but I will refrain from overfunkifying them in my sketch and painting, I promise, but I will tend to go there. I promise.


No sketch today, for yesterday I promised myself I would rest and I have, both my back and neck, which were too tense for words last night from overdoing, even after another round of yoga before bedtime, and my razzled psyche, even before today’s counseling.

Yes. Counseling. Agh. So I don’t know if I said, but I had earlier this week, Ivy Girl, and Waiting Girl (or however we shall call her, it kind of? matters not to her) (momentarily for we are tired) were

just now being called in to make dinner == eep!

well, hmm



the short of it is that Ivy Girl was like on alarm because in sixth grade was the closest I came to spilling the beans on my abusers and she feels like she botched it but it’s that it was switched up on her right neatly and confusedly on her — the manipulators and abusers were on it and on her so she still was blaming herself so we had to sort that out

and under that was a lot of old stuff we don’t have the time or appropriate space really to go into that Waiting Girl is feeling …

so off to make the eggs … which is really rather nice



and so lovely warmer today and made a new friend today firmer yay! she’s been seeing me on walkies for years now with her son Zach and now we are going to enjoy the nice weather perhaps with her Mom for a walk next week — 🙂 yay!

okay — gotta run! 🙂



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